Zero Balancing Holistic Bodywork

I hadn’t heard of Zero Balancing until my wife’s acupuncturist recommended a ZB session for her with his wife. Afterward she raved about it and encouraged me to give it a try so I scheduled one and hoped for the best.  The best is what I got in a session of therapy that left me feeling refreshed, renewed, and energetically calm. Helen exudes an energy which promotes peace and well-being and over time I believe this energy grows within and focuses your thoughts and feelings in an uplifting spirituality. It has been a wonderful experience. - Jay Greenfield, Cambs..

"I have suffered from a stiff and painful shoulder for many months, until I met Helen! I would never have imagined that a practice so gentle would repair such an injury. The results are remarkable. many thanks".   -   James P, Ipswich

“Over the last 20 years I have enjoyed wonderful treatments from Helen. Having spent most of my life riding and loving horses and all the fairly heavy work they involve, and falling off with monotonous regularity, Helen’s healing hands have been much needed and much appreciated.   She has kept me upright and mobile all these years, and I always have beautiful feelings of upliftment and well-being after the sessions”   -   Sally T, Suffolk

"I am thrilled and delighted you are practising your wonderful work. What can I add that others haven’t? You have a natural ability to engage with people and let them feel they matter. I fully recommend the ZB I was fortunate to experience on a number of occasions. Helen you have a strong intuitive sense and this is borne out in your practice.  Keep up the great work!"  -   Siobhan, Bury St Edmunds

"I recommend Helen's therapeutic work. So much depends on individual character and presence. Time with Helen is like entering a wide open space where you feel there is no judgement and all things are possible"   - Stefan F, Suffolk

"It is the gentle yet physically penetrating approach of Zero Balancing which is confusing at first because most bodily therapies involve an amount of pain, depending on the condition being treated. The difference here is that although the whole treatment requires a hands-on touch, it can feel sometimes non-existent, until a stage which may involve a quite definite movement involving either an arm or a leg, or the neck being moved, so tenderly, from side to side by the practitioner's knowing hands. Tensions gradually fade through either finger pressure, or held stretches, and then the body begins to relax. Comfort and pleasure replace the original pain. I always, reluctantly, have to accept that the treatment is complete and it is time to leave the safe harbour of the couch, and the loving hands of the practitioner, Helen.

Yet I know the overall feeling of integration and relaxation will continue to permeate my body for  a long while afterwards"   - Jess C. Suffolk.



Having no solid idea of what to expect from Zero Balancing therapy, I was delightfully over whelmed with the power of the practice and its ability to relax, align, and clean the lens of my personal focus! With a mixture of talking, sound making and what I would describe as Kinesiology touches from Helen, to my fully clothed body, I came out of the therapy room seeing the world in a new direction with uplifting light. I had a smiling face of enlightenment for weeks after! Helen has opened the doors for me!    - Sue Shepherd, Suffolk

Ceremonies - Wedding


"Dearest Helen how do I begin? Thank you so very much for everything. Your love and joy helped us to have the most relaxed, meaningful and unique ceremony ever. Everyone said how well you led the space and we couldn't agree more. We are truly thankful for you. Lots of love, H&A , Tel-Aviv 

Helen Taylor