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Updated results from the ZBTF (Zero Balancing Touch Foundation) Research Partnership has ZB Touch taking its rightful place alongside mainstream modalities such as Mindfulness and Massage as a highly effective means for reducing stress, anxiety and tension. The statistics stack up as follows:

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"The simple average for measured stress reduction during a 30 minute Zero Balancing session was 61% versus a simple average of 12% for clients during their equivalent rest periods". 

Not only did the study evidence this significant reduction in stress, it also showed clients settling into a synchrony - or an equilibrium - with themselves at a "point of zero balance" during their ZB session as shown on the graph above. Significantly, the sharpest fall in stress was associated with the first contact at the beginning of the session.

The study also evidenced how a client did not demonstrate the expected "startle" response when unexpectedly disturbed during the session. Coupled with the significant reduction of stress this strongly suggests ZB Touch facilitates a form of expanded state of consciousness more widely associated with the benefits of meditation.

Pre/Post questionnaire results showed that after every ZB session participants rated themselves more positively. The greatest positive differences were seen in a reduction of perceived tension and anxiety, and an overall feeling of being more relaxed as shown in the bar charts here.

Stress is recognised as a global health challenge. Negative health consequences include anxiety, depression and cardiovascular disease. It has also linked with disturbed sleep patterns, digestive problems and obesity.  While is is accepted not all stress is bad, as it can act to motivate people to prepare and perform tasks, when stress is a constant, the body produces too many primary stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. 

Guidelines for managing stress include eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise and sleep. However, it is also recommended any effective stress management programme includes an effective mind-body intervention. We can now confidently say a client receiving a Zero Balancing session will enjoy many of the positive health benefits associated with such a significant 61% reduction in stress. 

The ZBTF will be producing a further promotional resource for all Certified Zero Balancers in due course but for further information on the study please go to our website at

Early results for EEG measures during two trial sessions suggest ZB might also facilitate a deep change in brain patterns being observed on monitors. We are excited to explore this potential further - along with other evidence of ZB facilitating expanded states of consciousness and improving the quality of sleep - in the next round of research objectives we are currently developing.


The Zero Balancing Touch Foundation (“ZBTF”) is dedicated to promoting the therapeutic use of skilled touch as a means of improving a person’s health and vitality.




Helen Taylor