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My Covid-19 modifications are in accordance with governmental guidelines based on the scientific evidence. As the work I do is very varied in its operation, my Covid-19 policy will be tailored to the individual client, or organisation. Much can be done remotely. Please do not hesitate to contact me for details.


One-to-one sessions combine

Spiritual Counselling, and Zero Balancing 

for Integral Well-being


1. Spiritual Counselling

Life can be challenging; at times a complete nightmare, shattering and scattering us, and taking us beyond our endurance.

Compassionate non-judgmental support can reconnect us with our inherent wholeness and integrity, so that we can put ourselves together again.

Are you seeking wholeness, connection, healing, comfort, truth, belonging, or meaning and purpose in your life? The therapeutic and spiritual practices I offer, gathered over almost 4 decades, are beautiful, healing, and appropriate

for people of all faiths and none. 

Reflecting in the Meadow
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"As a spiritual counsellor trained by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

I focus on you as a whole being beyond name, form and role. While listening deeply to as much of your story as you choose to share, my attention is on the essential you that is eternal and infinite: that was never born and will never die.

This is not at all weird or alarming, it's simply the connecting thread that has

made you recognisably you since you were born, even though practically

every cell of your body has been replaced many times.

This focus allows you to reconnect with the true essence of your self,

allowing many negative patterns to simply drop away"

A session may include any of the following:
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  • sacred chanting

  • spontaneous voice work

  • breath practices

  • guided visualisation,

  • energy experience exercises

  • sacred poetry

  • storytelling

  • body prayer

2. Zero Balancing 

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a gentle, powerful and holistic therapy addressing your whole self rather than symptoms alone. If you are looking for:

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  • a way to establish and maintain mental-emotional well-being

  • relief from chronic pain

  • help with stress and anxiety 

  • release of old injuries

  • a deep body-felt sense of health and well-being 

  • preventative medicine/health maintenance

  • recovery from accident, illness, bereavement or other life trauma

  • help to navigate life's transitions more smoothly


.... then ZB can help you. 

Every emotion we have causes a muscle response somewhere in the body, and so habitual emotions literally shape us because of postural habits we adopt, and how our physiology adapts to fit them.

Another way of saying this is

'Your issues are in your tissues"!

"ZB is pleasurable and entirely painless to receive. It takes 3 to 5 years to train in ZB and I have been a certified practitioner since 2004".​ 

Whether your challenges are mainly physical, mental, emotional or spiritual the whole body is treated in every session because our life history is written into our bodies (this is known as somatic memory - soma meaning body). 

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Deep Living is all about enabling people to experience greater wholeness.

Helen Taylor