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Deep Living's Spirited Facilitation programmes for organisations, companies and groups put the heart and soul back into corporate life

To achieve a happy, healthy work force is an end in itself, but it also radically improves the performance and efficiency of the whole operation. 

What is Spirited Facilitation?

Souls @ work

Every day is

'bring your soul to work'


A shared sense of meaning and purpose brings out a collective spirit, so that motivation and work satisfaction surge upwards.  

I trust and like the people I work with

I feel heard

I feel I can grow and develop at work

I know that I matter to the people I work with

It's my virtual rucksack of tools and experiences garnered over two decades working with private and therapeutic groups, as well as one-to-one, helping people reconnect with an authentic sense of themselves, energised and liberated from stress, anxiety, depression, alienation, low self-esteem and more. 

In harmony with your corporate objectives, and without taking people too far outside their comfort zone I will plan a framework, to which I will also intuitively add elements from my virtual rucksack as needed in the moment for the individuals present. This may include any or many of the following:

  • Deep listening

  • Guided meditation/visualisation

  • Shared silence

  • Coordinated breath and gentle movement 

  • Improvised voice work

  • Trust games

  • Energy exercises 

  • Story telling

  • Exploring world wisdom teachings 

  • Simple ceremony or ritual

I enjoy work - I look forward to going there

Building trust

Amplifying positive emotions

Deepening community


Where and when?

Your place or mine. I can travel to you from my home in mid Suffolk for a single session, a series of workshops, or seasonal tune-ups. If, on the other hand, you want to get your team or group away from it all to a peaceful and beautiful location I can arrange a suitable day or residential venue. Please contact me about creating a bespoke half day, full day or weekend workshop tailored to the needs of your group. 



Every company, organisation or group is different and my fee will be as tailored to you as is the content of the session/s. As a very rough guideline an hourly rate of £50 plus travel and preparation time is my starting point for working out a price. As I am committed to both sides of the equation being happy with the price, if you have concerns about the financial side, let's talk.

"Let's power up the health of your organisation, and nurture its greatest asset - your people"

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